Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The tale of PETER PAN grows up in 'THE CHILD THIEF'

"A gruesome and darkly fantastical twist on a classic tale. Brom injects pure horror into fantasy." (Holly Black, New York Times bestselling author of Ironside and The Spiderwick Chronicles )
"Brom has always been an artist who gave us his nightmares fully realized, but with THE CHILD THIEF, he paints in words. A wonderfully nasty Peter Pan reboot that stands on its own as a dark, twisted adventure." (Christopher Golden )
"Ancient magics combine with feral logic to culminate in Brom's The Child Thief. A retelling of Peter Pan spanning America's earliest, magically rich beginnings to today's bare whispers of belief. Wickedly poetic, The Child Thief makes me want to believe." (Kim Harrison )

From the fantasy artist Brom comes this well-written reimagining of J.M. Barrie's immortal Peter Pan. But unlike Barrie's youth-friendly tale of childhood fantasies come to life on the faraway island of Neverland, THE CHILD THIEF resets the tale in the much darker present. Peter is still the youthful pied piper of children but in this case, he recruits them from the dark and seamy streets of Manhattan, taking them to Avalon, an island retreat which is far deadlier than in the original classic. Filled with flesh-eaters led by the Captain, Peter's new recruitment of Lost Boys (or "Devils" as he calls them) won't grow up primarily because they most likely won't live to. Peter and his ever changing band (which include girls as well as boys) have been at war with the Captain and his "pirates" for centuries. But when Peter's latest recruit Nick wishes to return back home, this Pan is less accommodating.

With wonderful illustrations by the author, THE CHILD THIEF is dark and bloody, violent and gruesome. This is not for the kiddies but it is highly recommended. A page-turner for those who enjoyed Gregory Maguire's WICKED or anyone who likes their fairy stories on the "grimm" side.

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